Sauna heater TYLÖ Compact,

Sauna heater , TYLÖ, Compact,

Sauna heater TYLÖ Compact

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Sauna heater Tylö Compact 2/4
incl. an integrated control panel. Max. 9 hours preset and 3 hours runing time. Stone compartment made of Inox- Chrom steel, Thermosafe-protective coating in front and byside. Patented, devided output.
The Compact 2/4 is between 2,2 and 4,5 kW convertible.

Facts that speak for a sauna heater of Tylö .
Tylö, as one of the world-wide largest and prominent sauna manufacturer, has developed the most innovative constructions, which improved the atmosphere of the sauna and increased the popularity of the sauna bathing.
All Tylo sauna heaters became milestones in the development of the Sauna. They belong to the best sauna heaters ever manufactured. Concerning the design, precision and quality they stand out of comparison. You will feel the difference while sauna bathing because only only Tylo has the following advantages:

  • Best bathing characteristics � The large, deep Tylö stone compartment and direct contact between the stones and the heating elements combine to produce a truly outstanding vaporisation performance when water is sprinkled over the stones. No other heater is more effective.
  • Highest material quality � The stainless steel stone compartment and solid-cast aluminium top are two features that reflect our philosophy of using only materials that meet the highest of criteria.
  • Highest security � Temperature cut-off, thermostat and tem-perature sensor are just three of the carefully engineered key components that ensure safety in use..
  • Best contact protection� The continuous thermosafe surface limits the outside temperature at in front and by sides on only 40°C.

  • Informations:
  • Control panel integrated into the base of the heater.
  • Thermostat und Timer, max. 3 hours
  • running time, 0 � 9 Std.
  • preset the switch-on moment.
  • Convertible eighter 2,2 kW (230 V1~ )
  • Convertible or 4,5 kW (400 V 2N~)
  • Sauna room (m3): 1.2- 4.5
  • Minimum gap to side wall: 50 mm
  • Minimum height to ceiling in sauna 1900 mm
  • Suitable control panel: build-in
  • Weight without stones: 6 kg
  • Stones: ca. 7 kg
  • Dimensions HBT 400 x 300 x 170 mm
  • No shipping costs within Germany!
Sauna heater TYLÖ Compact

847,80 EUR per Stk.

Product No.: 62202000

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