The Saunaheaters of TYLO

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TYLÖ Sauna heaters

TYLÖ Sauna heaters


The sauna heaters of TYLO

The sauna heaters of TYLO - new serie of sauna heater of durable and stable construction for the traditional sauna bathing (dry and moise). Mega-Line is made of high-grade steel and equipped with heating elements of highest quality, which ensure long life and high working reliability. That-s why the Mega-Line heaters are suitable particularly well for the long use , as for example in professional facilities. Also all the other constructions and electrical components are of the best quality. The deep, large stone container offers best conditions for a continuing bathing . All sauna heaters of this serie are designed and manufactured by our Finnish subsidiary.

Soft, long durable bathings

Thank to a deep stone containersThe biggest stone container Depending on the size of the heater contains from 22 to 55 kg of sauna rocks.

Remote controll

As well as multilateral possibilities of installation, with various programs and time for the bathing, are only small particular part in a combination of these heaters with separate control panels.

Effective air circulation

The particular construction "Air Flow System" distributes air and warmth in such a way that gives the pleasant feelings while bathing.

Energy-saving stand-by function

Unsurpassed energy-saving function for public facilities and hotels.

Inner and outer casing

As well as stone containers made of pure high-grade steel.

Highest Quality

All the components are of highest quality.

Unparalleled safety

Build-in over heat protection.

Large choise of models

Sauna heaters with power from 6 to 22 kW, wall-mounted or free-standing models, with build-in or separate controllers.

Free-standing heaters

Offer the advantage of several alternative solutions for planning and equipment of large sauna rooms.

Elektrically powered Bio Combi Heaters


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Farblicht-Steuergerät Colortec only 260,00 EUR
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Farblicht-Steuergerät Colortec
Saunaholz Fichte Paket 0.88m² only 7,70 EUR
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Saunaholz Fichte Paket 0.88m²

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Sauna Heater TYLÖ SK 8

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Sauna heater TYLÖ Sport 8

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Sauna Heater TYLÖ SK 6

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Sauna heater TYLÖ Sport 6

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Sauna heater TYLÖ Compact

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Sauna heater TYLÖ MPE 6

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Sauna heater TYLÖ SDK 10

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