Possible penetration depth of effective infrared heat in human skin:
A - Short-wave infrared , penetration depth up to 5 mm in subcutaneous adipose tissue
B - Medium wave infrared , penetration depth up to 3 mm in dermis
C - Long-wave infrared , penetration depth up to 0.1mm in epidermis

A - infrared heater

A-infrared emitters are all IR radiators with a built-in quartz rod, but the infrared quartz emitters are called by many different names on the market. The best-known names depending on suppliers are:

- Full-spectrum emitters
- ABC infrared emitters
- Philips VITAE IR emitters
- VITALlight-ABC-full-spectrum emitters
- Quartz rod emitters

B - infrared heater

Belonging to the group of B-infrared emitters in general are the IR radiators with built-in ceramic or metal tube heating elements, the latter of which are referred to as magnesium oxide infrared emitters.

But considered conversely, a non-luminous dark radiator can never emit medium or short wave infrared radiation. This is physically impossible, since the temperature of such emitters is simply too low. Such emitters cannot generate deep heat and therefore are exclusively allocated to the relaxation and wellness area.

C - infrared heater

Among others, the group of C-infrared emitters include infrared panel radiators. In particular, this applies to the so-called "panel emitters" which are touted in many infrared cabins as the best system. This makes you benefit from the "stove" effect advantage that can never cause any damage, since you are completely enveloped by a mild, soothing warmth and you can sweat soundly for an unlimited duration.

Designs of infrared emitters

The infrared heaters are available in different designs depending on the manufacturer (InfraMagic, EOS etc.).

Thus, there is either only one design of the reflector which can be used both for corner or wall mounting , or specially developed and often patented designs of infrared emitter-reflectors as the German manufacturer INFRAmagic® - corner emitters, rear emitters, front emitters or ceiling emitters, which can be fitted perfectly for individual needs as a retrofit in a sauna or in an infrared cabin.

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Whatever your choice would be, it is important to pay attention to absolute quality of the infrared emitters, which can be confirmed,for example, with a TÜV check seal.

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