EOS Cover protection for sauna heaters

  • EOS Cover protection for sauna heaters
  • EOS Cover protection for sauna heaters
  • EOS Cover protection for sauna heaters
  • EOS Cover protection for sauna heaters
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Sauna Protect
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Shipping time: 6-8 Weeks
Manufacturer: EOS
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EOS cover protection system for sauna heaters with automatic switch-off when pressure is applied.

If the rocker switch is pressed down by an object, the heating process is interrupted or does not start. If the item is removed, the rocker switch returns to its original position and operation continues.

The cover protection system consists of a stainless steel shut-off rocker and a shut-off system in a robust metal housing with an anthracite pearl effect.
Wall mounting directly over the stove. Thanks to five different sizes suitable for all EOS heaters. Easy to assemble and very reliable. For certain sauna heaters, the system can also be mounted directly on the heater with an additional frame.

The EOS cover protection system is a tested, standardized security solution (according to EU 60335-2-53). It is required for saunas with remote start, remote control or with a time preselection and minimizes the risk that the sauna heater can be switched on in an unsafe condition (e.g. a forgotten towel on the heater).
This system is required, for example, for the WCI-01 web app module for remote control via smartphones / tablets. Compatible with all EOS control units and almost all sauna heaters.

Model: Cover protection type 1
Dimensions H/W/D: 14 / 32.8 / 32.2 cm
Suitable sauna heaters: Thermat (Bi-O), Thermo-Tec (S), Bi-O Tec, 43.FN, Euro, Cubo, Finnrock, Herkules / Corona S25 (Vapor), Mythos S35 / S45 (Vapor)

Model: Cover protection type 3
Dimensions H / W / D: 14 x 72.8 x 32.2 cm
Matching sauna heaters: P1, Herkules XL S50 (Vapor)

Model: Cover protection type 4
Dimensions H / W / D: 14 / 32.8 / 48.2 cm
Suitable sauna heaters: Euro-Max, Bi-O Max, Germanius (Bi-O), Herkules S60 (Vapor), Corona S60 (Vapor), Saunadome II

Model: Cover protection type 5
Dimensions H / W / D: 14 x 72.8 x 48.2 mm
Suitable sauna heaters: 34.G, Goliath 34.G2, Herkules XL S120 (Vapor)

Model: Cover protection type 6
Dimensions H / W / D: 14 x 32.8 x 22.2 mm
Suitable heaters: Mini, M3, Filius (Bi-O), Gracil

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