In order to not only to feel completely comfortable in a sauna, but to also use these areas safely, a heater is not really usable as heat source without an appropriate control unit. If it is too cool in the sauna and the concentration of water vapor is too low, then the desired health and wellness effects cannot be fulfilled. If the interior of a sauna is heated too much, then it may happen that staying inside becomes unbearable. It can even cause adverse health effects. Therefore, you should take the acquisition of a control device for the sauna seriously. Since the specific environment is established in a sauna by combining a certain internal temperature with water, a well-functioning control unit is mandatory for all saunas, which are based on the evaporator principle.

Classic versions of sauna control units

Continuous development of sauna technology makes it possible that the control units are always perfect and easy to use. Moreover, this basis always encourages superior innovations that can be used for all kinds of sauna types. In order to adjust the climate in the sauna room to your personal wishes, you have a choice between the controllers for the traditional Finnish sauna, sauna room with steam functionality, in the form of power-switching devices and as a control system for the TYLO saunas.

The sauna control unit as a power switching device

Especially for the layman and newcomers in sauna purchasing, it is important to obtain extensive information on all equipment. Power switching devices are technical fittings which keep the switching capacity of the heaters in a predetermined limit. These power switching devices have a differentiating capacity and work with a differing voltage rating. In addition, there are also different sizes and chassis designs.

The actual control is usually based on an integrated processor and thus is fully automatic. Most products can be easily supplemented by a humidity module.

technical details of a sauna control unit

As already stated, a sauna control includes a microprocessor with a pre-programmable launch control and a temperature setting is put into operation. Also located in the interior is a bus system, which is responsible for forwarding function-related data between the individual components. By programming, you can enter various options such as the time of the heater, the switch-off, a special temperature and the correction parameters and the moisture concentration. To avoid exceeding the levels of heat, the modern sauna control units operate with a safety temperature limiter.