Sauna heaters for new sauna and for exchange

In the context of modern technical possibilities which exist today, so that people can recover extensively even in your own home and relax, sauna heaters play an important role.

The heater is a component that is referred to as the heart of a sauna. In order for you to use a private sauna at any time, the heater must meet specific requirements. This includes not only a perfect distribution of the heat levels inside but also an easy to use and luxurious control unit as well as protection against splashing water. In addition, it comes before the purchase decision therefore to have a look at the different price ranges and performance parameters.

Types of heaters

The sophisticated technology and well-thought constructions are the basis that build quite diverse types of heaters. Therefore, it is currently not too difficult to find the right model for any sauna. You can purchase a heater for both element or a solid wood sauna and for larger cabin. In addition, you are also presented such collections in addition to heaters with internal control components in which you can easily make the adjustment from the outside. Of course, there are versions available with which you can save additional energy.

Within the various offers you can choose between the heater sets, electric powered stoves, Bio-combination and S-Line Heaters. Consistently beyond innovations are our wood stoves and TYLO heaters.

Strengthening health and relax with a high quality heater

It is no doubt that the demand for stoves in the past years has increased greatly. More and more fans of sauna want this experience at their home and save themselves the complicated ways to public saunas. The acquisition of these devices can be realized quite easily. The heaters can be set to work with varying fuels. These are both wood materials as well as the clean electric power. For the latter heat source, the electric heaters are designed above all, ideal for two or more people and are particularly preferred as wall ovens.

Woodburning stoves

A special category within the division of heaters are the wood-fired systems. These are different in terms of their capacity, area, and accessories. Some versions contain an additional water tank and can sufficiently provide heat to saunas with an area up to 36 square meters.