Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray

Incl. Cover frame or cover frame ☀️ Development and complete quality production in Germany (not in China like standard spotlights). ☀️ IR tubes checked and certified by Seibersdorf Laboratories! Meets the strictest German nouns for commercial use. ☀️ Specially developed high-performance filter plate "Ceran glass" for better distribution of the IR waves (no worthless smooth glass plate). ☀️ Pleasant dark-red floodlight, you can look inside (without a disturbing higher proportion of red light, which has no IR effect). ☀️ no preheating time (as with magnesium, ceramic or surface radiators). ☀️ Robust, rustproof, double-walled installation housing (no plastic parts that are not recommended for saunas). ☀️ Waterproof IPx4 and temperature resistant, ideal for retrofitting in the sauna. ☀️ Installation in a wall or ceiling, or surface mounting using a wooden installation body - we would be happy to advise you. ☀️ Wholesale and retail - You buy directly from the manufacturer with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of infrared heaters, control systems and infrared heating technology.

Cover frame in black:
Specially powder-coated, robust stainless steel frame. Resistant to salt sodium from, for example, brine nebulisers, insensitive to aggressive essential infusion oils etc. Quality manufacturing in Germany.

Suitable use:
• Infrared heat cabin
• Finnish dry sauna
• Bio-Combi wet sauna

Not suitable for:
• shower
• Steam bath

Possible assembly:
- Installation in the wall
- Installation in the ceiling

Dimensions of IR illuminator Gray light sauna:
• Outside dimension LBT: 805 x 155 x 55 mm
• Installation cutout LB: 811 x 161 mm

Dimensions cover frame:
• Outside dimension LB: 858 x 205 x 3 mm

Cover frame:
The frame is powder-coated in fine structure in the colors dark anthracite or antique silver light gray, permanently powder-coated. The special process of powder coating with the production in Germany, protects safely and in comparison better than stainless steel against corrosion of moisture in the sauna, or of sodium of the salt from the brine nebulizer.

ABC⤳wave distribution in%:
A⤳17% B⤳44%, C⤳39%

Recommended IR emitter / body distance and placement:
• 350 W => 5-30 cm (placement as back lamp)
• 500 W => 10-50 cm (placement as back lamp with dimmer)
• 750 W => 40-90 cm (placement as a ceiling spotlight)
• 1300 W => 80-130 cm (placement as a ceiling spotlight with dimmer)

Effective advantages of our red light deep heat radiators:
✅ Specially developed reduced or body-friendly radiation intensity infrared «A» portion. ✅ Reinforced infrared «C» portion up to approx. 49% (responsible for air heating or optimal room climate). ✅ Reduced or eye-friendly brightness (pleasantly distributed lighting conditions). ✅ Power reduction using dimmer control units. ✅ leading edge dimmers (with a small reduction in the valuable infrared «A» portion). ✅ Highest quality standard, through development and manufacturing in Germany. ✅ Meets the strictest German nouns for commercial use. ✅ Tested and certified by Seibersdorf Labor!

Scope of delivery:
1 x infrared heater Sauna ROTLicht Frame Gray
1 x gray cover frame
1 x fire protection tape 2.5m
1 x silicone connection cable including plug (GST18i3) 3m

Technical specifications:
Connection voltage 230 V, 50-60 Hz., 350W (1.55A), 500W (2.2A), 750W (3.3A), 1300W (5.7A).
Weight approx.2.5 kg

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  • Power: 350 Watt
  • Power: 500 Watt (+20,00 €)
  • Power: 750 Watt (+40,00 €)
  • Power: 1300 Watt (+60,00 €)
  • Control unit: without control
  • Control unit: Timer (+30,00 €)
  • Control unit: Twistdimmer (+99,00 €)
  • Control unit: DT3 (+359,00 €)
  • Control unit: DT3+connecting cable 230V (+379,00 €)
  • Touch protection: without thermal fabric protection
  • Touch protection: thermal fabric protection (+69,00 €)
Power: 350 Watt , 500 Watt , 750 Watt , 1300 Watt
Suitable use: Private , Commercial , Private & commercial
Mounting: Wall mounting , Ceiling mounting , Ceiling & Wall mounting
Design: Concealed installation
Color: Dark red
All infrared emittersfor dry sauna, steam sauna, shower, steam bath, IR cabin: for dry sauna , for humidity-sauna , For infrared cabin


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Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray

Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray
Infrared heater sauna RedLight Frame Gray