EOS EmoTec H black

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Sauna control unit EOS EmoTec H black (Finnish + Bi-O) of the premium class.

Innovative sauna control like EmoTec D, but additionally with humidity control for the dry (Finnish) sauna and sauna with humidity operation. With flat control panel, colored TFT display and separate power section. Thanks to the innovative operating concept, the device can be operated quickly and intuitively, numerous functions can be reached and set very quickly.
For all EOS Bi-O sauna heaters. Humidity control - time-proportional without a humidity sensor (enables constant steam production) or with an optional humidity sensor based on relative humidity (enables exact humidity control according to relative humidity). Output for evaporators up to max. 3 kW. With water shortage detection. Fast switching between Finnish (dry) and Bi-O mode thanks to the rotary pressure switch.
Comfort functions:
Reheating (drying of the sauna after humid operation)
Adjustable: post-heating temperature, fan run-on time, post-heating time, time to refill the evaporator when there is insufficient water
Smart heat function heats up the sauna faster in moisture mode and prevents premature steam production in the cold cabin.

Technical specifications :
Electrical connection: 400 V 3N AC 50 Hz
Switching capacity: 9 kW (expandable: EMOTEC L09 / LSG 18 / LSG 36), 3 kW evaporator in damp mode
Temperature control range: 30 ° - 115 ° C (dry) / 30 ° - 70 ° C (humidity operation)
Humidity control: proportional to time or optionally via humidity sensor (rel.%).
Heating time limitation: 6 h, 12 h, infinite
Delay start: 24 hours or weekly timer
Light output: 230 V / max. 100 W, dimmable. Ohmic, capacitive, inductive load
Fan output: 230 V / max. 100 W, adjustable
Sensor: digital, with 5 m cable. Bench sensor optional
Control unit (H / W / D): 12.7 / 13 / 2.5 cm built-in installation (construction optional)
Load part (H / W / D): 27/30/10 cm wall mounting

Scope of delivery :
1. Power section with 2-part front cover
2. Control unit with TFT display
3. Lower part of the housing (for installation of the control unit)
4. Housing lower part (for surface mounting of the control unit)
5. Disassembly tool for control unit
6. Temperature sensor: a) sensor housing, b) temperature sensor board, c) excess temperature fuse, d) 2 mounting screws 4 x 40 mm, e) sensor cable 5 m with RJ10 connector, f) cable for excess temperature protection 5 m, white
7. Connection cable (control unit - power unit) with RJ14 / RJ10 modular plug
8. Replacement excess temperature fuse
9. Plastic bag with 3 fastening screws 4 x 25 mm.
10. 8 grommets
11. 1 installation / operating instructions for installers, 1 operating instructions for end customers

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  • Power extension: without switching extension
  • Power extension: +9 kW switching capacity (+256,47 €)
  • Power extension: +18 kW switching capacity (+922,25 €)
  • Power extension: +36 kW switching capacity (+1.266,94 €)
  • Humidity sensor: without Humidity sensor
  • Humidity sensor: Humidity sensor bus (+245,18 €)
  • Bench sensor: without bench sensor
  • Bench sensor: Bench sensorbus (+152,85 €)
All control units: For Sauna heater Vapor
Suitable use: Private , Commercial , Private & commercial
Color: Black


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EOS EmoTec H black