EOS Duft-Tec Solo dosing system

Product no.: 945261

EOS Duft-Tec Solo dosing system for dosing fragrances for steam bath cabins.

Fragrance dosing device with built-in control unit for steam baths. Peristaltic pump for dosing fragrances with intensity control. The dosing performance is set via the "pause time" between doses with a potentiometer on the housing. The dosing time is set inside the housing. Operation only when the steam generator is switched on.

Technical specifications :
Dosing capacity maximum 3 l / h.
Peristaltic pump SA,
Dosing hose 3.2 x 1.6 V
Hose holder on 4 x 1 mm
Suction hose (PE 0.8 m).
Plug-in power supply 230 V with cable or 1.5 m
Connection cable for direct connection of the pump to the steam generator.



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EOS Duft-Tec Solo dosing system