Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock

Product no.: SP-30-H

Color light therapy LED panel for sauna 30x50 cm - is an extremely flat device for surface mounting in your sauna, with wooden frame made of hemlock. Temperature resistance -25 to 110 °C. Including radio remote control. 

Scope of delivery:
1 x Sauna color panel poetic 30 hemlock
1 x remote control
1 x 4.0 m silicone cable
1 x power supply 12V/DC 210-230V

Technical specifications:
Special acrylic pane
Aspen or Hemlock frame (see options)
Temperature range: -25 ° C to + 110 ° C
Uncomplicated and quick installation
on the wall or ceiling with 4 screws
No electrosmog
Very low energy consumption
Guidelines: CE, RoHS
Splash water protection: IP54
Connection to 230V N AC
Color light power: approx.15W
Dimensions approx. 300 x 500 x 28 mm
Made in Germany    

Via remote control // on-off //, // 13 single colors //, // automatic color change programs //, // color mixing //, // dimming function // and // white light //.

What is RGB technology?
From the 3 primary colors red, green and blue (RGB), digital gradation (255 levels each) can generate more than 16 million colors, the differentiated perception of which is limited by the human eye (to approx. 6 million). In contrast to traditional technology (incandescent lamps, fluorescent tubes, etc.), our devices do not produce color by using colored lamps or colored glass, but by LED (light emitter diodes). With the emission of the corresponding colored light waves, a spectrochromatic light with its specific wavelength is generated.

Wo kommen unsere Farblicht Panel Sauna zum Einsatz?
Unsere hochinnovativen Farblichtgeräte sind speziell für den Wellness-Bereich entwickelt worden. Sie sind sowohl als Beleuchtung als auch im kosmetischen und naturheilkundlichen Bereich einsetzbar. Die Farbstrahlung entfaltet aufgrund komplexer Vorgänge in unserem Gehirn ihre Wirkung in Form von bestimmten Vorstellungen und Energien. Je nach Farbe werden bestimmte Körpersysteme angesprochen und aktiviert. Where are our colored light panel saunas used?
Our highly innovative colored light devices have been specially developed for the wellness area. They can be used both as lighting and in the cosmetic and naturopathic sector. Due to complex processes in our brain, the color radiation unfolds its effect in the form of certain ideas and energies. Depending on the color, certain body systems are addressed and activated.

An ideal place to illuminate yourself with colored light is the sauna or the bathroom. The biggest challenge is of course the heat resistance of our devices. With our 10-year expertise, we have set new standards in this area.


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Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock

Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock
Sauna color panel poetic 30 Hemlock