Bei gibt es von der Sauna bis hin zur Wärmetechnik eine große Auswahl, um sich Wellness Wünsche zu erfüllen.

Sauna, Saunazubehör, Saunaofen, Wärmekabine, Infrarotstrahler

»Sauna Heaters: The newest sauna heater models from world-wide leading manufacturers, with arbitrary KW achievement for private and commercial Sauna applications.

»Sauna Controls: All kinds of controllers for sauna, infrared heat cab, steam bath and color light elements, with examined security certifying.

»Colour Light Therapy: Sauna color light element with special fluorescent lamps, or LED color light models in different forms and sizes. High-quality processing with guaranteed high quality standard.

»Sauna Doors: Completely glass doors from particularly developed and thermally hardened glass for the sauna and steam-bath applications. Convince yourselves comparing the price and quality.

»Infrared Cabins: Our infrared cabs are sketched by technicians and designers to offer you a highest measure of recovery and regeneration. We offer infrared - heat cabs in 5 different sizes of high quality and a first-class processing.

»Infrared Elements: Health advantages by infrared radiation warmth. Special ceramic element from EOS with firmed heating spiral as well as surface emitter with temperature of the electrical warmers between 40° -80°C. Ideally suitable also to re-tooling in existing sauna.

»Sauna Wood: For privat or commercial sauna's interior and external equipment. Abachi wood smooth, fine optics with small heat conductivity as well as Hemlock and red zeder wood for the sauna.

»Sauna Kit: Low prices on separate and set articles: Sauna heaters, controllers, infrared elements, color light devices, sauna doors, sauna accessories and many other things.

All our prices specified including 19% VAT.

For the dispatch abroad, within the European Union countries with report of an European Union ID No. and in case of delivery outside of the European Union we provide the net calculations. All further prices and delivery information you can find under DELIVERY INFO and PAYMENTS. All the orders are worked on immediately and carefully (also Saturdays and Sundays), in order to deliver your orders as fast as possible.

Have you seen the lawer prices elsewhere?

Tell us where and to which price and we will see if we can be able to offer you the same or even the lawer price. Also with temporally limited action prices of our competitors your price inquiries always willkommmen for us.

We wish you much fun with your purchase!

» Time-limited special offers:

Sauna-kit BASIC 100

Sauna-kit BASIC 100

...Sauna heater-kit with 28 products!
- incl....

only from 638,58 EUR
instead 1.575,00 EUR

1 x 'Sauna-kit BASIC 100' order
+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Solino Cedar

+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Solino Cedar

Infrarotkabine Solino Cedar mit Salzverdampfer
- mit Salzverdampfer und...

only from 3.736,00 EUR
instead 5.331,20 EUR

1 x '+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Solino Cedar' order
+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Nuss

+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Nuss

Infrarotkabine Nuss 130, 145 oder 160
- Design in Nuss-Dekor / kanadischer...

only from 2.950,41 EUR
instead 3.956,75 EUR

1 x '+++Angebot+++ Infrarotkabine Nuss' order
*****ANGEBOT***** Infrarotkabine Paloma

*****ANGEBOT***** Infrarotkabine Paloma

Infrarotkabine Paloma
- Holzart: Kernbuche / nordische Fichte

only from 2.126,81 EUR
instead 2.725,10 EUR

1 x '*****ANGEBOT***** Infrarotkabine Paloma' order
Infrared Emitter BC-Carbomed Set 1

Infrared Emitter BC-Carbomed Set 1

IR-Emitter BC-Carbomed Set 1 - 1850 W
- for a 1-Person IR sauna cabin or for...

only 821,00 EUR
instead 912,15 EUR

1 x 'Infrared Emitter BC-Carbomed Set 1' order
Infrarotstrahler-Set ABC-Ecke 1

Infrarotstrahler-Set ABC-Ecke 1

Infrarotstrahler-Set ABC-Ecke 1
1 x TÜV-ABC-IR-Strahler 500W inkl. Kabel

only 340,40 EUR
instead 378,25 EUR

1 x 'Infrarotstrahler-Set ABC-Ecke 1' order
LED-Farblichtgerät LionSky MASTER

LED-Farblichtgerät LionSky MASTER

LED-Farblichtgerät LionSky MASTER
für Wand- oder Eckmontage bis +110°C

only from 199,92 EUR
instead 249,90 EUR

1 x 'LED-Farblichtgerät LionSky MASTER' order
Aufguss-Set 11-teilig

Aufguss-Set 11-teilig

Aufguss-Set 11 teilig
Aufgusskübel, Kübeleinsatz, Schöpfkelle, Sanduhr,...

only 49,50 EUR
instead 75,51 EUR

1 x 'Aufguss-Set 11-teilig' order
Saunaofen-Set BASIC-Bio-Plus

Saunaofen-Set BASIC-Bio-Plus

- incl. exklusiv bio-sauna heater EOS Bio-Mat-W
- incl. sauna control system EOS...

only from 1.124,13 EUR
instead 1.772,53 EUR

1 x 'Saunaofen-Set BASIC-Bio-Plus' order
Saunaholz Fichte Paket 1.62m²

Saunaholz Fichte Paket 1.62m²

Saunaholz Nordische Fichte Paket 1.62 m²
14 x 96 x 2100 mm Softline Profilbrett...

only 14,18 EUR
instead 16,20 EUR

1 x 'Saunaholz Fichte Paket 1.62m²' order


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Saunaofen EOS Invisio Mini only from 899,64 EUR
instead 999,60 EUR
Saunaofen EOS Invisio Mini
only 259,20 EUR
instead 288,00 EUR
Transformator 12 V/210 W

Best seller


Sauna-benchlaths Abachi 25x80mm

only from 5,25 EUR
instead 7,50 EUR


Rahmenholz, Konstruktionsholz

only from 4,83 EUR
instead 6,35 EUR


Silicone cable 3x1,5 mm²

only 2,40 EUR
instead 4,28 EUR


Silicon cable

only 4,80 EUR
instead 8,57 EUR


Aluminum tape

only 8,55 EUR
instead 13,49 EUR


Sauna lamp, wall and ceiling lamp

only 12,50 EUR
instead 19,04 EUR


Silicon cable 3x0,75 mm²

only 1,90 EUR
instead 3,39 EUR


Silicon cable 2x0,75 mm²

only 1,80 EUR
instead 3,30 EUR


Profile board claws 3mm

only 5,75 EUR
instead 7,40 EUR


Aluminium foil from pure aluminum

only from 29,95 EUR
instead 47,50 EUR