Infrared heater RedLight Top for sauna, surface mounting

  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
  • Infrared heater sauna RedLight Top
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Infrared heater RedLight Top for sauna, surface mounting

☀️ Our surface-mounted housing for the IR emitters is made of high-quality anodized aluminum, which is ideally suited for damp applications, protection against corrosion, with an extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface. The anodized layer is electrically non-conductive, requires little maintenance as it is insensitive to scratches. ☀️ Surface mounting on the wall or ceiling without cutting out the wood or damaging the vapor barrier! Only drilling required for connection cable! Lightning-fast assembly time! ☀️ Development and complete quality production in Germany (not in China like conventional spotlights). ☀️ IR fluorescent tubes tested and certified by Seibersdorf Laboratories! Meets the strictest German nouns for commercial use. ☀️ Specially developed high-performance "Ceran glass" filter disk for better distribution of the IR waves (no worthless smooth glass disk). ☀️ Pleasant dark-red floodlight, you can look inside (without the annoying higher proportion of red light that has no IR effect) ☀️ no preheating time (as with magnesium, ceramic or surface heaters). ☀️ Robust, stainless, double-walled installation housing (no plastic parts that are not recommended for saunas). ☀️ Waterproof IPx4 and temperature resistant, ideal for retrofitting in the sauna. ☀️ Installation in the wall or ceiling, or surface-mounted using a wooden body - we would be happy to advise you on this. ☀️ Wholesale and retail - you buy directly from the manufacturer with many years of experience in the development and manufacture of infrared heaters, control systems and infrared heating technology.

• External dimensions: 980 x 320 x 80 mm
• No installation cutout!

Advantages of our surface-mounted IR emitters:
+ Lightning-fast assembly time, with only cable entry
+ Installation without ceiling or wall recess
+ no damage to the vapor barrier in the sauna
+ high-quality aluminum finished with an anodized layer
+ ideally suited for damp applications
+ Protection against corrosion
+ extremely hard and scratch-resistant surface
+ Quality production in Germany
+ Anodized layer is electrically non-conductive
+ low maintenance

A-B-C infrared spectrum:
A⤳18% B⤳48%, C⤳34%

Recommended distance IR emitter / body and placement:
• 350 W => 5-30 cm (placement as back heater)
• 500 W => 10-50 cm (placement as back heater with dimmer)
• 750 W => 40-90 cm (placement as ceiling spot)
• 1300 W => 80-130 cm (placement as ceiling spotlight with dimmer)

Effective advantages of our ROTLicht deep heat emitters:
✅ Specially developed reduced or body-friendly radiation intensity infrared «A» proportion up to approx. 17.5%. ✅ Increased infrared «C» share of up to approx. 49% (responsible for air warming and optimal room climate). ✅ Reduced or eye-friendly brightness (pleasantly distributed lighting conditions). ✅ Power reduction using dimmer control units. ✅ Leading edge dimmers (with a slight reduction in the valuable infrared «A» component). ✅ Highest quality standard, through development and production in Germany. ✅ Meets the strictest German nouns for commercial use. ✅ Tested and certified at Seibersdorf Labor!

Scope of delivery:
1 x infrared heater ROTLicht sauna surface-mounted (each option 350, 500, 750, 1300 watt)
1 x fire protection tape 2.5m
1 x silicone connection cable including plug (GST18i3) 3m

Technical specifications:
Connection voltage 230 V, 50-60 Hz., 350W (1.55A), 500W (2.2A), 750W (3.3A), 1300W (5.7A). Weight about 2.5 kg

(We reserve the right to make technical changes, errors and misprints)
Power:350 Watt, 500 Watt, 750 Watt, 1300 Watt
Suitable use:Private, Commercial, Private & commercial
Mounting:Wall mounting, Ceiling mounting, Ceiling & Wall mounting
Design:Surface mounting
Color:Stainless steel, Dark red
All infrared emittersfor dry sauna, steam sauna, shower, steam bath, IR cabin:for dry sauna, for humidity-sauna, For infrared cabin

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